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Figure 6

From: Distribution and densitometry mapping of L1-CAM Immunoreactivity in the adult mouse brain – light microscopic observation

Figure 6

L1 immunoreactive structures in the limbic areas. a-f. Bright-field photomicrographs showing the preoptic area of the hypothalamus (a and b), bed nucleus of stria terminalis (c), stria terminalis (c and d), hippocampus (e), and amygdaloid complex (f). A higher magnification photograph of CA3 which was immunoreacted with antiFLL1 antibody is shown in the insert in (e). Note that better staining for proximal axons was found in CA3 than with antiCTL1 antibody. a: Bar = 1 mm; b-f: Bar = 500 μm; insert in e: Bar = 100 μm.

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