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Figure 5

From: Distribution and densitometry mapping of L1-CAM Immunoreactivity in the adult mouse brain – light microscopic observation

Figure 5

L1 immunoreactive structures in the forebrain. a-j, Bright-field photomicrographs showing L1 structures in the olfactory bulb (a and b), corpus callosum (c), cerebral cortex (d), piriform cortex (e), entorhinal cortex (f), caudate putamen (g and h), and globus pallidus (i and j). A magnified view of the square in (a) is shown in the insert. b, h, and j represent higher magnification photomicrographs of the olfactory bulb, caudate putamen, and globus pallidus. a,c-f: Bar = 250 μm; insert in a: Bar = 50 μm; b: Bar = 200 μm; g,i: Bar = 500 μm; h,j: Bar = 50 μm.

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