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Figure 3

From: Discrete nuclear structures in actively growing neuroblastoma cells are revealed by antibodies raised against phosphorylated neurofilament proteins

Figure 3

A portion of the amino acid sequences for NF-H, GFAP, and lamin A, B, and C. The Match-Box server prints aligned sequences in lower case, an unaligned as uppercase. The numbers printed below each column of aligned amino acids indicates the reliability of the alignment, where 1 = 10%, 3 = 20%, and 5 = 50% chance of equal occurrence in related or unrelated sequences (low scores are best, Depiereux et al, 1997). While we found many phosphorylation motifs in the sequences examined, the indicated tyrosine kinase motif was the only one shared with a high degree of identity among all 5 sequences. As it occurs only once, the remainder of the sequences are not shown. The darker gray shading indicates the predicted motif for NF-H (the reference sequence), while the light gray shows regions of GFAP and lamins that include the tyrosine (bold-face "Y") in a motif with very high sequence identity.

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