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Figure 4

From: An over-expression system for characterizing Ppt1 function in Drosophila

Figure 4

Analysis of DmPpt1S123A catalytic mutant over-expression. A-B, Scanning electron micrographs (200×). C-D, Light microscope images of semi-thin retinal sections. Scale bar= 2 μm. A and C, GMR:Gal4/UAS:DmPpt1S123A1. B and D, GMR:Gal4/UAS:DmPpt1S123A4. E. Quantification of the number of rhabdomeres per ommatidia in DmPpt1S123A over-expression eyes compared to DmPpt18.1 over-expression eyes. *p < .00001 by Ttest.

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