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Figure 1

From: An over-expression system for characterizing Ppt1 function in Drosophila

Figure 1

Analysis of DmPpt1 over-expression phenotypes. A-D, Scanning Electron Micrographs showing the external surface of control and DmPpt1 over-expression eyes (200×). E-H, Semi-thin sections through fixed retinal tissue showing the internal structure of control and DmPpt1 over-expression retinas. Scale bar = 2 μm. A and E, GMR:Gal4/CyO. B and F, UAS:DmPpt18.1/CyO. C and G, GMR:Gal4/UAS:DmPpt18.1. D and H, GMR:Gal4/UAS:DmPpt12.1. I, A light microscope image of a GMR:Gal4/UAS:DmPpt18.1 eye showing the black ommatidia present in the fully differentiated eye. J. Quantification of the loss of rhabdomeres in GMR:Gal4/UAS:DmPpt18.1 eyes in relation to the GMR:Gal4/CyO and UAS:DmPpt18.1/CyO controls. *p < .00001 using Ttest.

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