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Table 1 Summary of cases, injection sites and hemisphere, tracers, and analyses

From: Serial pathways from primate prefrontal cortex to autonomic areas may influence emotional expression

Case Injection site(s), (hemisphere) Tracer Label type* #, areas analysed
AV O12, IML (left) fr, fb hypothalamus* (fr); # (fb), amygdala# (fr);
AW LA (right) fb prefrontal cortex#; amygdala#
AX LA (left) BDA prefrontal cortex#,*; amygdala#,*; brainstem, IML*
AY 32 (right) BDA LA*; synapses from area 32 in LA (EM)
BG 32 (right) BDA PA*; synapses from area 32 in PA (EM)
  1. *Anterograde label; #retrograde label