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Table 2 Genes that are enriched in the dorsal spinal cord based on microarray analysis.

From: Dorsal horn-enriched genes identified by DNA microarray, in situ hybridization and immunohistochemistry

Description Accession# D vs V ratio Description Accession# D vs V ratio
Neuropeptide    Calcium calmodulin binding protein   
Somatostatin** M25890 11.1–12.4 Vesicle associated calmodulin protein AI102205 4.60
Protachykinin X56306 6.45 Neurogranin ** L09119 2.1–4.1
Beta-tachykinin M15191 5.02 Chromogranin B AF019974 2.49
Proenkephalin S49491 4.89 Neural visinin-like protein D10666 2.42
NPY M15880 2.44 Secretogranin M93669 2.35
Neurokinin B M16410 2.27 Hippocalcin D12573 2.16
Nociceptin S79730 2.10    
CNP D90219 2.17 Others   
    Syntaxin 1A D10392 2.43
Channel    Synuclein-1 AF007758 2.03
Sodium channel SCN6A AA925248 10.02 Synuclein beta D17764 2.21
Four repeat ion channel AF078779 6.92 Neuritin U88958 2.03
NMDA receptor NR1 S39221 2.48 Neurodap-1 E13644 2.03
K channel Kv 3.1** X62840 2.2–2.3 GAD X57573 2.86
    Proline-rich protein M20722 2.73
Signaling    NSF AF091834 2.16
Cannabinoid receptor X55812 2.93 Resiniferatoxin-binding protein X67877 2.13
GABA-B R2 AF058795 2.79 N-ethylmaleimide sensitive factor AF089839 2.08
Olfactory receptor (SCR D-9) AF034899 2.35 Tulip2 AF041107 2.08
G alpha (olf) S80376 2.63 Neuroendocrine-specific protein L25633 2.01
Guanine nucleotide releasing factor X67241 2.21 Dynamin-like protein AF019043 2.22
CAMK I beta 2 AB004267 2.73    
CAMKII beta AA894330 2.15 EST   
PKC beta X04139 2.29 EST AI639036 11.34
    EST AI639213 3.13
Transcription factor    EST AI639062 2.88
Zinc finger protein X54249 2.40 EST AI639470 2.77
NGFI-A AF023087 2.21 EST AI639118 2.50
MRG1 AI014091 2.12 EST AI072943 2.06
    EST AA866291 2.01
  1. Genes that show greater than 2-fold expression in the dorsal spinal cord versus ventral spinal cord with P < 0.05 are listed according to their broad functional categories. The gene expression fold increase for each probeset was calculated as the ratio of means of gene expression index between dorsal and ventral spinal cord. The genes shown to be up-regulated by more than one probeset are indicated with asterisks. The fold increase for these genes is given as a range of fold increase detected by all the probesets for that gene. The genes that were tested by real-time PCR or immunohistochemistry are underlined.