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Table 2 Agrin and LN1 aggregation stimulus protocols. Note that the medium for all cultures was changed at t = 24 hrs, either to fresh medium or medium with stimulus.

From: Mechanistic distinctions between agrin and laminin-1 induced aggregation of acetylcholine receptors

Treatment Abbreviation Stimulus
1) Control C None
2) Agrin alone A Agrin 24–48 hrs
3) LN1 alone L LN1 24–48 hrs
4) Agrin + LN1 AL Agrin+LN1 24–48 hrs
5) Agrin then LN1 A>L Agrin 24–26 hrs: LN1 26–48 hrs
6) LN1 then Agrin L>A LN1, 24–26 hrs: Agrin 26–48 hrs