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Table 1 Summary of findings with respect to molecular aggregation in response to agrin, LN1, and combination stimuli. AL, agrin and laminin. Sequential administrations were similar to the AL combination and have been omitted for clarity. + indicates significant increase from controls, – indicates no increase, and ++ indicates an apparently additive effect of the combination of stimuli. The -(+) indicates that while LN1 did not increase receptor aggregate number during the 24 hour exposure in combination experiments, it did over the 48 hour exposures presented at the beginning of Results. na (not available) is used to indicate the lack of confidence in measurements of α-DG expression following LN1 application (see Results).

From: Mechanistic distinctions between agrin and laminin-1 induced aggregation of acetylcholine receptors

Molecule Stimulus Expression Ag/Cell Ag Size Ag Dens
AChR agrin + + + -
AChR LN1 + -(+) + +
AChR AL ++ + + +
αDG agrin + - - -
αDG LN1 na + + +
αDG AL na + + -