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Figure 1

From: Generation of choline for acetylcholine synthesis by phospholipase D isoforms

Figure 1

SN56 cells express PLD2 but not PLD1 mRNA and protein. Total RNA or protein lysates were prepared and subjected to Northern or Western blot analyses as described in the Experimental Procedures. A. Northern blot. Twenty μg of total RNA was subjected to electrophoresis on a 1.0% agarose gel and hybridized respectively with a mouse PLD2 probe, a human PLD1 probe and a mouse G3PDH probe. B. Western blot. A polyclonal anti-mouse PLD1 antibody and a polyclonal anti-human PLD2 antibody were used as primary antibodies. Rat brain total RNA (A) and protein lysates (B) were used as positive controls.

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