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Figure 1

From: Cellular mechanisms generating bursting activity in neuronal networks

Figure 1

The cornerstone bifurcation generates mechanisms controlling bursting in neural networks. (A). Two endogenously silent, mutually inhibitory coupled neurons produce alternating bursting activity. V1/2,mk2 controls BDs. (B). The BDs are depicted as blue dots. The curve fit for BDs took the form b/ d - V 1 / 2 , m k 2 + c . (C). Two endogenously spiking, mutually inhibitory coupled neurons produce synchronous bursting activity. V1/2,mh controls IBIs. (D).Curve fit for IBIs took the form b/ V 1 / 2 , mh - - V 1 / 2 , mh 0 . The curves fitted to these data are depicted in red.

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