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Figure 4

From: Fast construction of voxel-level functional connectivity graphs

Figure 4

Comparison of node degrees k from r - ( k r ) and r t -based ( k r t ) binary graphs. Subject-specific graphs were derived from the correlation matrices C r and C r t using a density threshold of κ=0.01 corresponding to correlation thresholds of r=0.48±0.06 and r t =0.53±0.04 (Cambridge) and r=0.46±0.08 and r t =0.49±0.07 (Pittsburgh), respectively. Individual degree maps were spatially transformed to MNI space to derive group average maps. Note that the degrees were standardized for each subject before averaging, resulting in ranges that one would not commonly expect for degrees. For details see text. A Group average degrees on top of axial slices of the MNI brain (shown in neurological convention). Top row: k r . Bottom row: k r t . B Joint distribution of k r and k r t . The composite plots consist of a joint histogram and the corresponding marginal histograms. Joint probabilities were mapped to grayscale intensities.

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