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Figure 4

From: The expression of apoptosis inducing factor (AIF) is associated with aging-related cell death in the cortex but not in the hippocampus in the TgCRND8 mouse model of Alzheimer’s disease

Figure 4

Cell death markers expression in cortical, hippocampal and cerebellar extracts from Tg mice and age-matched non-Tg littermates. (A): Bax quantification in the studied brain areas as determined by Western blotting. Equal protein loading was ascertained by the parallel assessment of β-actin. (B): Bax translocation as assessed by western blot probing of Bax in mitochondrial versus total Bax expression. The percentage of translocation was calculated as indicated in Materials and Methods after normalization for the equal loading over GAPDH and Cox IVb O.D. for cytoplasmic and mitochondrial fractions, respectively. (C): Cyclin D1 quantification by Western blotting in the same brain regions as in (A). Results are expressed as the ratio of the values calculated for the transgenic over non-Tg mice. *P < 0.05; **P < 0.01; #P < 0.01; ##P < 0.001; ###P < 0.0001.

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