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Figure 6

From: Therapeutic potential of a gamma-secretase inhibitor for hearing restoration in a guinea pig model with noise-induced hearing loss

Figure 6

Junctions between outer hair cells and Deiters cells in MDL-treated cochleae. A-D: Focal plane at the apical region of outer hair cells. A’-D’: Focal plane at the basal portion of outer hair cells and the cups of Diters cells. In the areas adjacent severely damaged regions (A, B), outer hair cells numbered 1 lacked junctions with the cups of Deiters cells (A’, B’), while outer hair cells numbered 2 and 3 (A’) attached to the cups. In moderately damaged regions, excessive outer hair cells were frequently observed (C, D). Such outer hair cells (numbered 2 and 3 in C, D) were connected with the cups of Deiters cells (C’, D’). Scale bar in A represents 20 μm.

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