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Table 1 Antibodies used for immunohistochemistry

From: Boundary cap neural crest stem cells homotopically implanted to the injured dorsal root transitional zone give rise to different types of neurons and glia in adult rodents

Primary Secondary
Antigen Host Cat no. Source Dilution Antibody Target Cat no. Source Dilution
β-tubulin Mouse 32-2600 Invitrogen 1:500 Alexa 350 Mouse A10035 Invitrogen 1:1000
Calbindin Rabbit CB-38a Swant 1:5000 Alexa 488 Mouse A21202 Invitrogen 1:1000
CGRP Goat ab36001 Abcam 1:200 Alexa 488 Rabbit A11008 Invitrogen 1:1000
ChAT Goat AB144P Millipore 1:100 Alexa 546 Chicken A11040 Invitrogen 1:1000
cJun Mouse 610326 BD Transduction Labs 1:250 Alexa 555 Goat A21432 Invitrogen 1:1000
CNPase Mouse SMI 91R Covance 1:1000 Alexa 555 Rabbit A31572 Invitrogen 1:1000
Doublecortin Rabbit ab18723 Abcam 1:1000 Alexa 594 Mouse A11032 Invitrogen 1:1000
GFAP Rabbit 2016-04 DAKO 1:500 Cy3 Guinea pig 706-165-148 Jackson 1:500
HuC/D Mouse A21271 Invitrogen 1:200      
Map2 Chicken ab5392 Abcam 1:1500      
Olig2 Goat Sc-19967 Santa Cruz 1:100      
p75 Rabbit AB1554 Millipore 1:200      
Ret Goat AF482 R&D Systems 1:20      
RT97 Mouse 1178709 Mannheim boehringer 1:50      
Sox2 Goat Sc-17320 Santa Cruz 1:200      
TrkA Rabbit 06-574 Millipore 1:500      
TrkB Goat AF1494 R&D Systems 1:500      
TrkC Goat AF1404 R&D Systems 1:500      
VGluT2 Guinea pig AB2251 Millipore 1:5000