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Figure 6

From: Astroglial-axonal interactions during early stages of myelination in mixed cultures using in vitro and ex vivoimaging techniques

Figure 6

Topographical study of cGFP-expressing cells 15 days post-transplantation. A) Using Image J and a macro that created homocentric circles from the injection site (epicentre), the distance of the various cell types was measured in relation to the epicentre. B-C) A number of cGFP-positive transplanted cells, which colocalised with the MBP marker were found at a distance of 600 μm from the needle track. D) Graph shows the percentage of all cGFP-positive cells constituting oligodendrocytes, astrocytes or cells which were not positive for either the GFAP or MBP marker, according to their relative location from the needle track (n = 2). E-F) Tile scan using multiphoton microscopy of the transplanted area showed a dense cellular network comprised of cells having long processes (purple box, F) at the centre and the periphery of the injection site, typical of astrocytes. At a distance and at the bottom of the engraftment area, individual cells (Insert, red box) with clear symmetric, fine processes were detected resembling oligodendrocytes.

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