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Table 1 Linear regression of the relationship between cortical excitability parameters and potential confounding factors (n = 47)

From: Association of anxiety with intracortical inhibition and descending pain modulation in chronic myofascial pain syndrome

Parameter SEM βa t P
Motor Threshold     
Age (years) 0.09 0.31 2.15 0.03
Short Intracortical inhibition (ratio: SICI/test stimulus)     
Brazilian Portuguese Catastrophizing Scale (B-PCS) −0.005 −0.44 −3.24 0.002
Intracortical facilitation     
(ratio: ICF/test stimulus)     
Trait-anxiety 0.011 0.56 4.48 0.001
Cortical silent period     
Trait-anxiety 0.39 −0.41 −2.95 0.005
  1. a Value adjusted by multiple regression analysis with a stepwise forward method controlling for collinearity. The covariates included in each model were: state-trait anxiety, pain-related catastrophic thinking, depressive symptoms and age.