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Table 2 Bio-functions of down- or up-regulated genes in Glud1 Tg compared with wt hippocampus at various ages

From: Gene expression patterns in the hippocampus during the development and aging of Glud1(Glutamate Dehydrogenase 1) transgenic and wild type mice

Age group Down-regulated Up-regulated
10 days post birth Ion binding and transport, transmembrane transport, extracellular space, neuronal development, metabolism and energy generation  
4.5 months Neuron projection, axonal guidance, synaptic transmission, ion binding, cytoskeleton, protein ubiquitination, intracellular transport, cell adhesion, synaptic vesicle  
9 months Signal transduction, nervous system development, cell adhesion, synaptic transmission, ion homeostasis Nervous system development, signal transduction, cytoskeleton, focal adhesion, ion transport, synaptic transmission, protein folding and degradation
14.5 months Extracellular region, cell adhesion, and ion transport  
20 months Voltage-gated channel Synapse