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Table 2 Cortical parcellation system (CPS)

From: Repeated mapping of cortical language sites by preoperative navigated transcranial magnetic stimulation compared to repeated intraoperative DCS mapping in awake craniotomy

Abbreviation Anatomy
aITG Anterior inferior temporal gyrus
aMFG Anterior middle frontal gyrus
aMTG Anterior middle temporal gyrus
anG Angular gyrus
aSFG Anterior superior frontal gyrus
aSMG Anterior supramarginal gyrus
aSTG Anterior superior temporal gyrus
dLOG Dorsal lateral occipital gyrus
dPoG Dorsal post-central gyrus
dPrG Dorsal pre-central gyrus
mITG Middle inferior temporal gyrus
mMFG Middle middle frontal gyrus
mMTG Middle middle temporal gyrus
mPoG Middle post-central gyrus
mPrG Middle pre-central gyrus
mSFG Middle superior frontal gyrus
mSTG Middle superior temporal gyrus
opIFG Opercular inferior frontal gyrus
orIFG Orbital part of the inferior frontal gyrus
pITG Posterior inferior temporal gyrus
pMFG Posterior middle frontal gyrus
pMTG Posterior middle temporal gyrus
polIFG Polar inferior frontal gyrus
polITG Polar inferior temporal gyrus
polLOG Polar lateral occipital gyrus
polMFG Polar middle frontal gyrus
polMTG Polar middle temporal gyrus
polSFG Polar superior frontal gyrus
polSTG Polar superior temporal gyrus
pSFG Posterior superior frontal gyrus
pSMG Posterior supramarginal gyrus
pSTG Posterior superior temporal gyrus
SPL Superior parietal lobe
trIFG Triangular inferior frontal gyrus
vLOG Ventral lateral occipital gyrus
vPoG Ventral post-central gyrus
vPrG Ventral pre-central gyrus
  1. This table outlines the definition of all regions of the CPS.