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Table 2 List of transcription factors, co-factors, and chromatin remodeling factors in significant (p < 0.01) microarray results

From: Genes showing altered expression in the medial preoptic area in the highly social maternal phenotype are related to autism and other disorders with social deficits

Transcription factors
Arid5b Cic Creb1 Dbp Deaf1 Egr1 Foxr2
Gatad2b Hmgxb4 Hmg20a Myc Nfya Nr1d1 Nr4a3
Olig2 Pias3 Rfx4 Rfx5 Rora Smad9 Smarcc2
Sox5 Stat3 Tcfe3 Tef Tulp4 Zfhx4 Zfp39
Zfp551 Zfp592 Zfp687 Zfp868 Zim1 Zmiz1 Zxdb
Zxdc 5730507C01Rik      
Transcription co-factors
Atf7ip Cited1 Cited2 Dcc Hcfc1 Htt Ifi202b
Maml3 Optn Psmc5 Prkcb Rlim Sra1 Supt3h
Taf10 Tdp2 Wdr77     
Chromatin remodeling factors
Chd5 Kdm4d Mtf2 Pcgf2 Setd1a Smarca4