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Table 1 ASD, BPD, depression, and schizophrenia related genes (p-value <0.01) found in two or more independent lists

From: Genes showing altered expression in the medial preoptic area in the highly social maternal phenotype are related to autism and other disorders with social deficits

ASD related genes
Acsl4 Apbb2 Atp2b2 Atp10a Bcl2 Cacna1g Cdh13
Cntnap2 Csn1s1 Dock3 Gabra2 Grik1 Grik3 Hcrtr2
Igf1 Mfsd6 Nos1 Nrp2 Nxph1 Oprl1 Oxtr
Park2 Pcdh9 Prkcb Ptchd1 Rims3 Rora Rps6ka6
Shank3 Spon1 Tsc1 Vgf Vldlr Wnk3-ps  
BPD related genes
Ace Alg9 Bcl2 Chrna3 Chrnb2 Cntnap2 Cry1
Cry2 Dbp Dscam Dusp6 Fbn1 Fkbp5 Gabra2
Gabre Gabrq Grik1 Igf1 Ncan Nos1 Nr1d1
Nr4a3 Penk Per3 Rfx4 Rora Slc1a4 Zdhhc8
Depression related genes
Ace Acs14 Adcyap1r1 Alox5ap Cdh13 Creb1 Cry1
Cry2 Dbp Fkbp5 Grik1 Grik3 Hspa1a Htt
Nos1 Nr1d1 Oxtr Per3 Rora Smpd1 Stat3
Schizophrenia related genes
Ace Bcl9 Cdc42se2 Chi3l1 Chrna3 Chrnb2 Cntnap2
Creb1 Egr1 Fxyd6 Gabra2 Glul Grik1 Grik3
Hspa1a Itih3 Ncan Nos1 Notch3 Olig2 Oxtr
Per3 Pla2g4c Rgs10 Shank3 Slc1a4 Slc6a9 Tacr3
Ucp2 Vldlr Zdhhc8