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Figure 3

From: Genes showing altered expression in the medial preoptic area in the highly social maternal phenotype are related to autism and other disorders with social deficits

Figure 3

Networks of genes related to CNS development and ion channel activity in significant MPOA results. CNS development and ion channel activity related genes identified by ToppCluster and NIH DAVID were exported into GeneMania for visualization. A list of genes found within each individual network are found to the side of the cluster. Bolded terms in the list represent genes that are up-regulated in postpartum compared to virgin females, and non-bolded terms correspond to genes down-regulated in postpartum versus virgin females. Within the cluster itself, up-regulated genes have white text with black nodes, and down-regulated genes have black text with gray nodes. The distance between two nodes corresponds with the strength of their interactions, with the type of interaction denoted by the color found in the network legend at the bottom right of the figure.

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