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Figure 2

From: Neurotrophins regulate ApoER2 proteolysis through activation of the Trk signaling pathway

Figure 2

ApoER2 expression does not affect PC12 differentiation or responses to neurotrophin. (A) Differentiation of the PC12 control (pcDNA3) compared to cells stably expressing HA-ApoER2 with NGF (100 ng/mL) for 48 h. In both conditions, the cells were able to differentiate and extend neurites. (B) PCR showing the expression of Dab1 in total brain, embryonic cortical neurons, and both differentiated and undifferentiated PC12 cells stably expressing ApoER2. (C) PC12 expressing HA-ApoER2 cell were incubated with reelin-conditioned media or mock-conditioned media (control) for 30 min. Cells were lysed and the presence of total and phosphorylated Dab1 was detected by inmunoblot; α-tubulin is shown as a loading control. (D) The presence of ApoER2 in PC12 cells makes them responsive to reelin-conditioned media (48 h of treatment), as assessed by neurite extension.

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