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Table 5 Mean and standard error of correlation coefficients between Fourier transformed source activity and behavioral threshold values for each subject

From: Brain activity underlying auditory perceptual learning during short period training: simultaneous fMRI and EEG recording

  Alpha Beta Low gamma Gamma
  (8-13Hz) (14-28Hz) (30-35Hz) (36-40Hz)
IFG (−0.06, SE=0.08) (0.17, SE=0.08) (0.23, SE=0.07)* (0.05, SE=0.12)
RSTG (−0.07, SE=0.08) (0.20, SE=0.08)* (0.33, SE=0.07)* (0.15, SE=0.13)
LSTG (0.07, SE=0.07) (0.05, SE=0.11) (0.09, SE=0.08) (0.04, SE=0.11)
  1. Energy value for each band was computed and correlation between behavioral data was checked. Significant values are marked with (*).