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Table 1 Antibodies used for Immunofluorescence staining

From: Etanercept attenuates traumatic brain injury in rats by reducing early microglial expression of tumor necrosis factor-α

Antibody Antigen Host Company Catalog# Dilution
Primary antibody      
NeuN neuron mouse Abcam ab104224 1:200
GFAP astrocyte mouse Abcam ab4648 1:200
Iba-1 microglia mouse Abcam ab15690 1:200
TNF-α TNF-α goat Santa Cruz SC-1351 1:50
Secondary antibody (conjugation)     
Mouse IgG (Alexa Fluor 568) Mouse IgG goat Invitrogen A11031 1:400
Goat-IgG (DyLight 488) Goat IgG donkey Abcam ab96931 1:400