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Table 2 List of primary antibodies

From: Adult ciliary epithelial stem cells generate functional neurons and differentiate into both early and late born retinal neurons under non-cell autonomous influences

Name Species Dilution Company
Ret-P1 Mouse 1:100 Gift
Rho4D2 Mouse 1:100 Gift
Rhodopsin Kinase Mouse 1:200 Affinity Bioreagents (554895)
Rx Rabbit 1:100 Santa Cruz (sc-79031)
Pax6 Rabbit 1:100 Covance (PRB-278P)
Atoh7 Rabbit 1:100 Millipore (AB5694)
RPF1 Mouse 1:200 Gift
Thy1 Rabbit 1:100 BD Pharmingen (554895)
GFP Rabbit 1:200 Millipore (AB3080P)