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Table 2 Scoring scale developed for the ladder rung walking test, modified from (Metz and Whishaw, [[63]])

From: Tissue sparing, behavioral recovery, supraspinal axonal sparing/regeneration following sub-acute glial transplantation in a model of spinal cord contusion

Observation Score
Absent 0
Collapse 0
Deep slip then jump 1
Deep slip, unsuccessful or no paw replacement 1
Deep slip, paw replacement, slight slip 2
Step, unsuccessful paw replacement 2
Deep slip, successful paw replacement 3
Jump step 3
Step, paw replacement, slight slip 4
Step, good paw replacement 4
Slight slip, short stride 5
Slight slip, regular stride 5
Plantar paw placement, short stride 6
Plantar paw placement, regular stride 6