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Figure 2

From: Transcriptome analysis of amoeboid and ramified microglia isolated from the corpus callosum of rat brain

Figure 2

A. Cluster Analysis. Cluster analysis shows changes in gene expression profiles of AMC and RMC. Agglomerative average-linkage hierarchical clustering of the six independent samples was obtained for selected groups of genes using GeneSpring 7.3. Each colored box represents the normalized expression level of a given gene in each sample and is colored according to the fold change. B. Line Graph. Represents a two-fold differential gene expression between the AMC and RMC. The lines in red represent gens upregulated and those in blue represent genes downregulated in AMC in comparison to RMC. C. Volcano Plot. Within the lateral quadrants (red and blue box) are the genes with two-fold difference and P Valueā€‰<ā€‰0.05. These genes were chosen for generation of functional group lists. D.Validation of Microarray Profile. Histogram shows the qRTPCR validation of two AMC-specific genes (Runx1t1 and Sept9) and two RMC-specific genes (Sept4 and Mbp).

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