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Table 9 Overview of the sex, age, AoA, and education (in years) of the included participants

From: The influence of language deprivation in early childhood on L2 processing: An ERP comparison of deaf native signers and deaf signers with a delayed language acquisition

groups sex mean age AoA German education
EGL 3 m, 9 f 31 years (range: 22–53 years) from birth 9 A, 1 O, 2 U
ESL 4 m, 4 f 28 years (range: 21–40 years) 6 or 7 years 6 A, 1 O, 1 nr
LSL 4 m, 4 f 28 years (range: 19–38 years) 6 or 7 years 4 A, 2 O, 1 U, 1 nr
  1. AoA: Age of acquisition, m: male, f: female, r: right, l: left, b: both, A: Abitur, O: Realschulabschluss, U: university degree, nr: not reported; EGL: hearing early German language learners, ESL: deaf early sign language learners, LSL: deaf late sign language learners.