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Table 1 Arithmetic means and standard errors of the percentages of correct responses of the two deaf groups in the four subtests of the ATBG

From: The influence of language deprivation in early childhood on L2 processing: An ERP comparison of deaf native signers and deaf signers with a delayed language acquisition

Subtest ESL LSL
TGK 85.7 (3.1) 71.7 (5.4)
PPVT 89.9 (2.2) 83.5 (2.7)
ADST 79.6 (5.2) 74.9 (6.6)
GSV 85.8 (3.2) 74.7 (5.2)
  1. TGK: sign language comprehension, PPVT: vocabulary,
  2. ADST: general German language, TGK: grammatical competence.
  3. ESL: deaf early sign language learners, LSL: deaf late sign language learners.