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Table 3 Associations between white matter and subcortical grey matter volumes a

From: Volumetric associations between uncinate fasciculus, amygdala, and trait anxiety

    white matter
    left right
grey matter left amygdala -0.40 0.24   
   hippocampus 0.01 0.20   
   caudate -0.16 0.11   
  right amygdala    0.07 0.25
   hippocampus    0.12 0.17
   caudate    -0.32 -0.05
  1. a using partial correlations with age, sex, and depression as covariates of no interest, shown are r-values (significant correlations at p < 0.05 indicated in bold, marginally significant correlations at p < 0.10 indicated in italics)
  2. UF: uncinate fasciculus, IFOF: inferior fronto-occipital fasciculus
  3. Note: Significant/marginally significant results correspond to uncorrected p-values. Except of for UF-amygdala volumetric associations, tests underlay the null hypothesis.