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Table 2 Associations between white matter/grey matter volumes and trait anxiety

From: Volumetric associations between uncinate fasciculus, amygdala, and trait anxiety

hemisphere brain tissue structure association with trait anxiety a
left white matter uncinate fasciculus -0.35 (0.030) b
   inferior fronto-occipital fasciculus 0.01 (0.939)
  grey matter amygdala 0.37 (0.048)
   hippocampus 0.34 (0.075)
   caudate 0.09 (0.639)
right white matter uncinate fasciculus -0.15 (0.449)
   inferior fronto-occipital fasciculus -0.04 (0.821)
  grey matter amygdala 0.28 (0.144)
   hippocampus 0.44 (0.018)
   caudate 0.07 (0.710)
  1. a using partial correlations with age, sex, and depression as covariates of no interest, shown are r-values (p-values in brackets, significant results indicated in bold, marginally significant results indicated in italics). Note: For uncinate fasciculus, amygdala, and hippocampus, results underlay hypothesis-driven tests; the remaining tests underlay the null hypothesis.
  2. b one-tailed