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Figure 3

From: Wnt3a induces exosome secretion from primary cultured rat microglia

Figure 3

Wnt5a and Wnt5b fail to induce exosomes release from microglia as demonstrated by 2DGE. Primary microglia (2500000 cells) were either left untreated (Control) or treated with Wnt3a (10 nM), Wnt5a (500 nM) or Wnt5b (500 nM) in SFM for 8 hours in SFM. Cell culture medium was collected, centrifuged at 10000xg for 10 minutes, concentrated using 3kDa centrifugal devices and exosomes were then isolated at 100000xg. Proteins were separated by 2DGE and visualised using silver staining.

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