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Figure 6

From: Upregulated expression of brain enzymatic markers of arachidonic and docosahexaenoic acid metabolism in a rat model of the metabolic syndrome

Figure 6

mRNA and protein levels of BDNF and synaptic markers in brain of rats fed a control or high-sucrose diet for 8 weeks. A) BDNF mRNA, B) BDNF protein, C) synaptophysin mRNA, D) synaptophysin protein, E) drebrin mRNA and F) drebrin protein. Data are expressed as relative level of BDNF, synaptophysin and drebrin normalized to endogenous control (β-globulin) using the ΔΔC T method. The BDNF protein level was measured by an ELISA kit. The protein level is the ratio of optical density of synaptophysin or drebrin to β–actin, expressed as percent of control. Values are mean ± SD (n = 8 for both groups). *p < 0.05 by unpaired t-test.

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