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Table 1 Sensitivities of primary neurons, SH-SY5Y human neuroblastomas and ESN to the seven classical BoNT serotypes

From: High yield derivation of enriched glutamatergic neurons from suspension-cultured mouse ESCs for neurotoxicology research

BoNT serotype Target SNARE protein Primary neurons EC50(pM) SH-SY5Y EC50(pM) ESNs EC50(pM) 95% confidence intervals
- +
BoNT/A SNAP-25 0.4A 5562 0.80 0.74 0.86
BoNT/B VAMP2 100B 41,650 22.50 12.91 39.30
BoNT/C SNAP-25 13A nr 14.24 9.68 20.93
Syntaxin-1 nr nr 7.51 3.06 18.42
BoNT/D VAMP2 nr 2560 3.09 2.49 3.83
BoNT/E SNAP-25 36A nr 66.73 52.12 85.44
BoNT/F VAMP2 1350B 300,000 157.82 133.25 186.92
BoNT/G VAMP2 nr nr 689.76 615.90 772.48
  1. Notes: Primary neurons’ values are compiled from two sources. Annotation by (A) represents 50% inhibition of neurotransmitter release in rat cerebellar neuron cultures exposed to BoNTs for 24 h (a 90% correlation was shown between neurotransmitter release and SNARE integrity) [29], whereas annotation by (B) represents cleavage of 50% of SNAP-25 protein in fetal mouse spinal cord cultures exposed to BoNT for 48 h [30]. SH-SY5Y neuroblastomas’ values indicate inhibition of 50% of noradrenalin release in SH-SY5Y human neuroblastomas cells after 72 h incubation [2]. ESN values represent 50% cleavage of SNARE proteins after a 24 h tonic intoxication. ESN EC50 values for BoNT/B, /C, /D, /F and /G are from this manuscript, while BoNT/A and /E are from McNutt et al. (2011). nr, not reported.