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Table 2 Results of functional genomic analysis of major up-regulated gene expression sets in HVC (Figure 2C)

From: High throughput analysis reveals dissociable gene expression profiles in two independent neural systems involved in the regulation of social behavior

GO Term GO Description SD+CXT+LD7 LD21+LD56
GO:0000226 Microtubule cytoskeleton organization p<0.005  
GO:0060052 Neurofilament cytoskeleton organization p<0.005  
GO:0006096 Glycolysis p<0.01  
GO:0007264 Small GTPase mediated signal transduction p<0.05  
GO:0030131 Clathrin adaptor complex p<0.05  
GO:0000785 Chromatin   p<0.05
GO:0004707 MAP kinase activity   p<0.05
  1. Gene ontology was used to determine significant functional categories that were associated with higher levels of gene expression in SD, CXT and LD7 compared to LD21 and LD56 starlings. Only significant values are shown (p < 0.05) for candidate terms, see Additional file 6: Table S6 for full list.