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Figure 1

From: An olfactory demography of a diverse metropolitan population

Figure 1

Subject population. a, Self-reported demographic, personal habit, and product usage information about the subject population compared (when available) to 2010 US Census data for New York City, as indicated by the red vertical line. b, Self-reported ethnicity of the subject population sorted by self-reported race and listed with the most frequently reported ethnicities at the top. Data for Caucasians are split into two columns, such that “German” is the most frequently and “Native American” the least frequently reported ethnicity. Subjects could self-identify as more than one ethnicity and only ethnicities that were used by at least two subjects are shown. 75% of “Other” subjects self-;identified as Hispanic compared to fewer than 10% in the three main racial groups. c, Primary residence of 93% of study subjects is indicated as a yellow square on a satellite map of the NYC metropolitan area, labelled to indicate the five boroughs, New Jersey, and Long Island. The approximate boundary of Manhattan is indicated by the magenta line. In some cases many subjects were from the same area and their individual locations cannot be resolved here. The remaining subjects did not have their primary residence within the area covered by the map.

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