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Table 3 Top 10 enriched functional GO clusters in GR binding regions(GBS) with and without a GRE

From: A genome-wide signature of glucocorticoid receptor binding in neuronal PC12 cells

  GBS with GRE GBS without GRE
GO Term Category Enrichment score GO Term Category Enrichment score
1 cell motion BP 4.2 neuron projection morphogenesis. BP 3.8
2 protein kinase binding MF 3.5 cytoplasmic vesicle CC 2.5
3 vasculature development BP 3.3 metal ion binding MF 2.4
4 protein dimerization activity MF 2.9 phospholipid binding MF 2.3
5 metal ion binding MF 2.8 catecholamine biosynthetic process BP 2.2
6 regulation of apoptosis BP 2.3 protein complex assembly BP 2.0
7 apoptosis BP 2.2 muscle cell development BP 1.9
8 regulation of myeloid cell differentiation BP 2.1 neuron projection regeneration BP 1.6
9 cell adhesion BP 1.9 actin filament binding MF 1.6
10 cytoplasmic vesicle CC 1.8 synaptic transmission BP 1.6
  1. The 10 most enriched functional GO clusters in GBS that do or do not contain a GRE according to the Database for Annotation, Visualization and Integrated Discovery (DAVID). In both cases the GO-term that best represents the annotation cluster is shown. In addition, the category to which the GO term belongs to is indicated, i.e. Biological Processes (BP), Molecular Function (MF) or Cellular Compartment (CC). The enrichment score indicates the geometric mean (in -log scale) of p-value of the GO cluster.