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Table 1 Primary antibodies characteristics

From: Sonic hedgehog (Shh)/Gli modulates the spatial organization of neuroepithelial cell proliferation in the developing chick optic tectum

Antibody/species Supplier/code/lot Immunogen Dilution
Rabbit polyclonal anti-Notch Homolog 1, Translocation-associated (Notch1) Lifespan Biosciences Synthetic peptide CQHSYSSPVDNTPSHQ N-terminal added cysteine Human Notch1 intracell. domain (aa 2488–2502) 1:300
Lot 6113061
Rabbit polyclonal anti-neurod (NeuroD1) Lifespan Biosciences Synthetic peptide DDDQKPKRRGPKKKKM Conjugated to malemide-activated KLH Human NeuroD1 (aa 76–91) 1:100
Lot 8030526
Mouse monoclonal anti-Neuron specific beta III Tubulin [TUJ-1] Abcam Rat brain microtubules (whole Protein) 1:500
Lot 543886
Rabbit polyclonal anti-Phospho-Histone H3 Upstate Linear peptide corresponding to human Histone H3 at Ser10. 1:500
Rabbit polyclonal anti-Green fluorescent protein Invitrogen GFP from the jellyfish Aequorea victoria 1:250
Goath polyclonal anti- Patched Santa Cruz Peptide mapping at the N-terminus of patched of mouse origin. 1:50
Mouse monoclonal anti-PAX7 Hybridoma bank Recombinant chicken protein made E. coli (aa 352–523) 1:15
Rabbit polyclonal anti-sonic hedgehog Santa Cruz Rabbit polyclonal anti (aa 41–200) of shh of human origin. 1:50
Mouse monoclonal anti-HNF3-ß Hybridoma bank Recombinant chicken protein made E. coli 1:20