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Table 1 The 24 significantly deregulated miRNAs in the TLE rat hippocampus

From: MicroRNA expression profile of the hippocampus in a rat model of temporal lobe epilepsy and miR-34a-targeted neuroprotection against hippocampal neurone cell apoptosis post-status epilepticus

MicroRNA Fold change Regulation pvalue
rno-miR-146a 2.6958885 up 1.258E-02
rno-miR-211 2.610144 up 1.376E-02
rno-miR-203 2.109093 up 2.367E-02
rno-miR-210 1.8106444 up 1.999E-02
rno-miR-152 1.7704262 up 8.17E-04
rno-miR-31 1.6925983 up 3.811E-03
rno-miR-23a 1.5156718 up 7.727E-03
rno-miR-34a 1.4842122 up 2.398E-02
rno-miR-27a 1.4451101 up 1.133E-02
rno-miR-138* 1.5289445 down 3.512E-02
rno-miR-301a 1.5327321 down 7.925E-03
rno-miR-136 1.5330569 down 4.166E-03
rno-miR-153 1.5534221 down 1.826E-02
rno-miR-19a 1.6450298 down 1.832E-02
rno-miR-135b 1.657749 down 2.853E-02
rno-miR-325-5p 1.8619193 down 4.587E-02
rno-miR-380 1.8745395 down 1.176E-02
rno-miR-190 1.8834999 down 1.528E-02
rno-miR-542-3p 1.8835889 down 7.955E-03
rno-miR-33 1.9224428 down 3.279E-03
rno-miR-144 1.9507241 down 4.969E-02
rno-miR-542-5p 2.2845843 down 5.943E-03
rno-miR-543 3.0247948 down 1.067E-03
rno-miR-296* 3.0831256 down 2.85E-06
  1. Notes: The Agilent rat miRNA microarray identified 24 significantly deregulated miRNAs (fold change >1.5, expression either upregulated or down-regulated; *p <0.05) in the hippocampus of the TLE rat when compared with the control (n = 6 for each group).