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Figure 6

From: Comparative analysis of deutocerebral neuropils in Chilopoda (Myriapoda): implications for the evolution of the arthropod olfactory system and support for the Mandibulata concept

Figure 6

Brains of selected Chilopoda. Schematic representation of the brains of selected Chilopoda with illustration of the olfactory glomeruli (blue), corpus lamellosum (yellow), Midline neuropil (red) and neurite projections (dashed lines). View from dorsal. The protocerebrum appears brighter. Abbreviations: cl corpus lamellosum, dc deutocerebrum, mn midline neuropil, np neurite projection, nr nervus recurrens, ol olfactory lobe, pc protocerebrum, pcg protocerebral gland, seg subesophageal ganglion, tc tritocerebrum.

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