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Figure 1

From: Quantifying the visual information sourced from melanopsin photoreceptors in mouse LGN field responses

Figure 1

Quantification of melanopsin information. Information estimated for responses to blue and red are averaged and shown with SEM (averaged over total 372 channels that lay in LGN for 17 animals). Information in response to blue light is on average greater than the information estimated in responses of the same units to red light. Panel A shows this information comparison for power and B for phase of field potentials recorded in each channel. The power and phase response values were discretized into four levels for information estimations. A. Power of the 20-24Hz band of field potentials at 45-50 msec after light onset. B. Phase of the 20-24Hz band at 45-50 msec after light onset. The third column labelled K.O. shows the information found in responses to blue light in melanopsin knock out mice (396 channels, 17 animals). Since they genetically lack melanopsin they are used to confirm the amount of visual information that is lacked when melanopsin is not activated.

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