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Figure 1

From: Conditional intensity/point process model of task-related prefrontal spiking: effects of performance

Figure 1

Heterogeneous plPFC neurons participate in and multiplex multiple functional ensembles. Plotted are the percentages of neurons for which task event-states (see Supplemental Material, Fig. S4) associated with this task significantly predicts the spiking activity of these cells. Colors and bar height directly reflect the percent of neurons representing each event-state. A.) Event-states related to correct trials with a left spatial goal. B.) Plots of event-states during error trials. The diagonal of each panel represents the number of neurons significantly related to a single event-state. Off-axis bars are the 1st order interactions such that values represent the number of neurons shared between these cell assemblies. Delay intervals are represented by the largest neural assemblies. Error trials exhibit deteriorated and smaller cell assemblies.

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