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Figure 1

From: Inferring functional brain connectivity from field-potential oscillations in health and disease

Figure 1

Structural properties of virtual brains from four groups with different power spectra (Background: 1/f spectrum; Normal; Deficient: missing high frequency content – putative schizophrenic brain; Entrained: frequency bands are rational multiples of each other – putative schizophrenic brain). A) Neural complexity is significantly reduced in groups modeling pathological cases. B) Ranking of nodes according to their connectivity reveals a hierarchical brain organization that is less pronounced in the Deficient group. C) Example of an under-represented motif in both pathological cases, D) of an over-represented motif in the Entrained group, E) of an under-represented motif in the Normal group, and F) of an over-represented motif in the Deficient group.

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