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Figure 1

From: A window to the amygdala: concurrent encoding of choice preference in multi-unit activity in the amygdala and in eye movements

Figure 1

A Markov model of eye movement during a two-alternative choice task. A: Modeled states are start of trial (ST), saccade-to-left item (SL), saccade-to-right item (SR), fixate-on-left item (FL), fixate-on-right item (FR), decision (D). Multinomial logistic regression reveals an interaction between transition probabilities and choice side (P < .001). Significantly increasing (blue) and decreasing (red) changes in transition probability show an increase in saccades towards the chosen item and in choosing the item fixated last in the trial. B. The time course of average mutal information reveals to the onset of information accumulation at 500 ms after stimulus onset.

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