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Figure 3

From: Transgenic mouse model for the formation of Hirano bodies

Figure 3

Expression of transgene CT-GFP in the hippocampus. Sections cut through brain of wild type (A-D) and R26CT allele (E-P) were visualized by immunofluorescence at postnatal 0 (P0). Hirano bodies induced by CT-GFP protein are co-localized with phalloidin in the pyramidal layer of hippocampus. Brain sections are stained with anti-34 kDa (green; A, E, I, M) to detect CT-GFP protein or with phalloidin TRITC-conjugated (red; B, F, J, N) to detect F-actin, Hoechst 33342 (C, G, K, O) for nuclei, and merged images (D, H, L, P). (A-D) wild type. (E-H) heterozygous R26CT+/-;Cre+. (I-P) homozygous R26CT+/+;Cre+. (M-P) Higher magnification of hippocampal cells in homozygous double transgenic mice. Areas of co-localization appear yellow in the merged image. Scale bar = 100 μm (A-L), 20 μm (M-P).

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