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Figure 2

From: Transgenic mouse model for the formation of Hirano bodies

Figure 2

Expression level of transgene CT-GFP in the brain of double transgenic R26CT allele. (A) Transgene expression in the hippocampus of double transgenic R26CT mouse and wild type (WT) at P0. Heterozygous and homozygous double transgenic mice were stained with anti-GFP antibody. (B,C) Homogenates of hippocampi of different double transgenic R26CT allele were analyzed by Western blot. Expression of CT-GFP was correlated with transgene copy number, increased from 1 to 6 month of age. Major induction of autophagy as indicated by accumulation of the modified form of LC3-I was not detected. Arrow indicates cytosolic LC3-I and arrow head represents an autophagosome-associating form, LC3-II which is an autophagy marker.

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