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Figure 4

From: Non-invasive quantification of brain tumor-induced astrogliosis

Figure 4

Spatial distribution of host-mediated astrogliosis. (A) 3D images using diffuse tomographic reconstruction algorithms for fluorescence (RFP-labeled tumor) or bioluminescent sources (GFAP activity, luciferase) were created with tumor-bearing GFAP-luc mice after a four-week incubation. Representative coronal, sagittal, and transaxial images from the center of the tumor is shown. Note the upregulation of GFAP activity adjacent to the tumor (merged image). (N = 3). (B) 3D reconstruction of fluorescent or bioluminescent sources in the whole animal is shown. While fluorescent signal from tumor was localized, GFAP activity was upregulated at the tumor periphery. Merged images from dorsal, left side, ventral and right side is shown. A representative image of three independent experiments is shown.

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