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Table 2 Electrode positions of maxima and minima in the maps of the parameters of Process S

From: Topographical aspects in the dynamics of sleep homeostasis in young men: individual patterns

  τ i τ d UA-LA
  min max p-value min max p-value min max p-value
A F7 FC1 6.06E-05 O1 FC2 3.94E-04 C3 Fp1 2.12E-03
B F8 FC1 2.03E-04 PO1 FC2 9.14E-04 C3 Fp1 2.12E-03
  1. τ i , τ d time constants of increase and decrease, and UA-LA distance between upper and lower asymptote. Maxima (max) and minima (min) position of each parameter were localized in maps derived from parameter estimation in normalized average data over participants (A, see maps in Figure 1A) and maps of mean parameters estimated with normalized individual data (B, see maps in Figure 1B). To assess topographical differences, estimated parameters in individuals at the corresponding location of the maxima and minima were compared by paired t-test (p-value). Electrode positions are indicated in Figure 6.