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Table 1 Characteristics of the RTT patient and control brain samples used in this study

From: The protocadherins, PCDHB1 and PCDH7, are regulated by MeCP2 in neuronal cells and brain tissues: implication for pathogenesis of Rett syndrome

  Age Sex Diagnosis Mutation Cause of death
CTL-1 23 y M Duchanne muscular dystrophy - Pulmonary infection
CTL-2 11 y M healthy boy - Cardiac infarction
CTL-3 69 y M ALS - Pneumonia
CTL-4 37 y M CP (Athetosis) - Hepatocellular carcinoma
RTT-1 8 y F Rett syndrome R255X Drowning
RTT-2 24 y F Rett syndrome R255X Respiratory failure
RTT-3 10 y F Rett syndrome R270X unknown
RTT-4 20 y F Rett syndrome N.D. unknown